Conditions for Participants

Three and four wheel passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses of the categories A, B and C (manufactured up to and including 1930) are eligible to participate, whereby Group C vehicles the performance of which does not differ too greatly from that of the “Brass Era Category” will be given priority as regards entry acceptance.  All vehicles must comply with a technical specification with respect to authenticity, restoration, and safety. The number of participating vehicles is limited to 60.

When submitting the entry form each participant must confirm that:

  1. They hold a driving licence valid for German road traffic and for the vehicle to be driven.
  2. Have a motor vehicle liability insurance cover to the sum of at least  €1,000,000.00.
  3. The vehicle is licensed for drivimg on German public roads.  Use of the red     Oldtimer licence plate is permissible as long as insurance cover can be substantiated. 

N.B. Dealers’ red number plates (registration no. begins with “06”) have no licence to drive, the exception being red number plates with the registration no.  “06” when the licence has been issued for registration of an oldtimer.  Short term licence plates are also NOT permitted. These may only be used for trial and transportation drives (in coordination with the registration office in the Landsberg am Lech district administration office). 



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