Historical retrospect

Herkomer-Konkurrenz 1905 till now

History: “Herkomer-Konkurrenz” 1905 – 1907

The first car rallye “Herkomer-Konkurrenz” dated 1905 can justifiably be called the first and oldest touring car rallye of the world. Born in Waal, a village close to Landsberg am Lech, the half English and half German painter, world-famous portraitist, film-maker, composer, motorist, visionary, Landsberg-citizen-by-choice and honorary citizen of Landsberg am Lech, Prof. Sir Hubert Ritter von Herkomer, visited the Gordon-Bennett-Car-Racing at Ballyshannon / Irland in 1903. Herkomer was thrilled but he did not see any sense in the development of souped-up racing cars, which he called the “roaring monsters”.

He had the development of a sportive and hard-wearing touring car in mind.

So, in 1905 Prof. Sir Hubert Ritter von Herkomer fathered the “Herkomer-Konkurrenz” named after him as sponsor. Together with the president of the Bavarian-Automobile-Club (BAC), Prof. Ludwig Poehlmann, he worked out strict rules for the participation in the Herkomer-Konkurrenz to enhance the development of touring cars. The event promoter from 1905 – 1907 was the BAC (today BAC von 1899 e.V.). At that time the “Herkomer-Kokurrenz” was the most important motor sport event in the German-speaking area.


There was an enormous response to the artist's first invitation for the “Herkomer-Konkurrenz”. Every important person of distinction, either nobleman or business tycoon, was at the starting line:


Prince Heinrich from Prussia, Duke Ludwig of Bavaria, August Horch, Karl Fichtel, Ernst Sachs, Ernst Büssing, Lord Montague of Beaulieu, Edgar Ladenburg, Heinrich Opel or Vincenzo Lancia, just to mention a few. The distance grew from 937.1 km (1905) to 1,818.7 km (1907). The award was a huge trophy made of about 40 pounds sterling silver which was designed and donated by Herkomer himself. Furthermore the winner was portrayed by the artist which was a special privilege.


The modern era: “Herkomer-Konkurrenz” 1997 – 2009

In 1997 the “Herkomer-Konkurrenz” was revived by the sport journalist Ulf Freiherr von Veyder-Malberg called Ulf von Malberg. Since then the “Herkomer-Konkurrenz” has taken place eight times on invitation of the city of Landsberg am Lech. 2005, 2006 and 2007 the 100th anniversary was celebrated in the scope of a trilogy. Since 2009 the “Herkomer-Konkurrenz” has been organized in a two-year cycle. Veteran cars till the year of construction 1930 (FIVA group A-C) are licensed.


Present and future: Herkomer-Konkurrenz” 2022

Take part in the veteran car rallye “Herkomer-Konkurrenz” and make an exceptional time journey back to the automobile spirit of 1905. Don't miss to join in! Sign up for this extraordinary rallye and unparalleled event!


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