Entry Fee and Entry

Entry Fee
The entry fee is non-refundable and amounts to €585.00 per vehicle with a crew of two.  A sum of €250.00 will be charged for each additional crew member.  Similarly to additional crew members, accompanying persons who wish to take advantage of the same services as the participants (meals etc.) pay €250.00 per person.  €70 is payable for children up to their twelfth birthday; small children up to the end of their 6th year go along at no extra charge.

Within the EU or when using currency-equivalent accounts the entry fee is, without exception, to be transferred!  The entry will be processed following receipt of the fee in the municipal bank account.

        Account holder:      Landsberg am Lech Municipality
        IBAN:            DE23700520600000003038
        Swift-BC:        BYLADM:LLD

Transfers from states which are not members of the EU or whose currency is not the Euro must be made at no cost to the Landsberg municipality (i.e. all charges to be born by the participant). It is imperative that special rules in an individual case be agreed with the event office in advance!
Please send the attached form fully completed to:

Landsberg am Lech Municipality
Herkomer-Konkurrenz Event Office      
1 Katharinenstrasse
86899 Landsberg am Lech

and be sure to attach the following documents:

  • photos of your vehicle (jpeg).
  • A “CV” of your vehicle, e.g. any known previous owner or events.
  • Youcan naturally also send an electronic submission with pictureattachment

Closing date for entries is the 20st May 2022.


Veranstaltungsbüro Herkomer-Konkurrenz

Heike Eisele

Katharinenstraße 1

86899 Landsberg am Lech

Tel: 08191 128397

Fax: 08191 128519

E-Mail: herkomer-konkurrenz@landsberg.de