The Event
The first German touring car rallye, the Herkommer-Konkurrenz, took place from the 11th to 17th of August 1905.  Prof. Sir Hubert Ritter von Herkomer himself designed the winner’s trophy which, with a total weight of 68 kg, was a genuine heavyweight.  In addition the winner had his portrait painted by Herkomer personally: a great privilege.

At the time the aim of the competition was to demonstrate the durability and reliability of the automobile.  The Herkomer-Konkurrenz is therefore the oldest touring car rally in the world!  In honour of Prof. Sir Hubert Ritter von Herkomer, Landsberg’s honorary citizen, and in order to keep the history of the automobile alive and promote interest in the historical automobile, the town of Landsberg am Lech in cooperation with the South Bavarian Branch of the ADAC (German Automobile Club) is organizing the Herkomer-Konkurrenz. The event is open internationally to passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses of FIVA (International Federation of Vintage Vehicles) categories A-C (manufactured up to and including 1930).

There are two touristic routes each covering approx. 140/150 km. These pass through the Bavarian-Swabian region around Markt Waal, Herkomer’s birthplace, and Landsberg am Lech, his adoptive town.

The rallye starts and finishes at Landsberg am Lech.


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