Organizer and Host:
Landsberg am Lech Municipality
In cooperation with the South-Bavarian Branch of the ADAC

Doris Baumgartl, Mayor
Landsberg am Lech Municipality

Michael Hannes Kießling, member of the German Bundestag

Organisation Committee:
Heike Eisele (Event Management), Mirjam Mumm
Michael Kemény, Wolfgang and Andrea Krusche, Norbert Kreuzer, Hartfrid Neunzert,

Ulf and Andrea von Malberg, Franz Riederer, Rainer Ventur, Martin Weiß, Verena Sontheimer, Ingolf Wunderlich;

Philipp Radetzki, Manfred Strobl

friendly supported by Allison Fritsche (translator) and many other ones!
Event Management:

Herkomer-Konkurrenz Event Office

  • Postal address: PO Box 10 16 53, Landsberg am Lech, D-86886
  • Street address:  1 Katharinenstrasse, Landsberg am Lech, D-86899
  • Visitor/Supplier address:  1 Hungerbachweg, Landsberg am Lech, D-86899


  • Heike Eisele
     Tel.:  +49 (0) 81 91 / 1 28-3 97
  • Mirjam Mumm
      Tel.:  +49 (0) 81 91 / 1 28-5 35

Fax.: +49 (0) 81 91 / 1 28-5 19

picture on the left: Michael Kemény, Heike Eisele, chief organizers

picture in the middle: Andrea and Wolfgang Krusche, the navigation team that plans the routes

pichture on the right: Ulf and Andrea von Malberg, Hartfrid Neunzert, have revived the Herkomer-Konkurrenz in 1997

picture on the left: Mirjam Mumm, Rainer Ventur, Verena Sontheimer, Martin Weiß - the organizer of special stages for various tasks on the routes. Rainer Ventur although is the driver of the car at the end of the starters

picture in the middle: Norbert Kreuzer, Manfred Strobl, Andrea und Ulf von Malberg, Hartfrid Neunzert - the consultants with many experiences and Know How about the rallye

picture on the right: Philipp Radetzki, Ingolf Wunderlich - the photographers who create the special photobook to the Herkomer-Konkurrenz 2020


Veranstaltungsbüro Herkomer-Konkurrenz

Heike Eisele

Katharinenstraße 1

86899 Landsberg am Lech

Tel: 08191 128397

Fax: 08191 128519