Welcome to the Herkomer-Konkurrenz 2020!

new appointment in summer 2021: 8th to 11th of july 2021

Dear Friends of Vintage and Veteran Cars,            
The Herkomer ride usually is every two years and takes place at the second weekend of July. But this year because of the pandemic Corona it isn't possible to have this event at that time. So we hope to have a replacement date in summer next year, starting from 8th to 11th of july 2021.


Here you will find the News and many informations.
We would be delighted to welcome you and your unique classic cars to the beautiful medieval town of Landsberg and to share some wonderful days in the spirit of historic motorsports with you!


Veranstaltungsbüro Herkomer-Konkurrenz

Heike Eisele

Katharinenstraße 1

86899 Landsberg am Lech

Tel: 08191 128397

Fax: 08191 128519

E-Mail: herkomer-konkurrenz@landsberg.de